Saturday, March 26, 2005

Nothin New Under The Moon Till You

hey ya'll everything is wonderfull under the sun in amanda's world . . i hung out with amanda kay the other day . . she's awesome i love her to death . . contrary to what i thought it wasnt awkward at all to hang out with her and Dakota but it was FUN alot of fun i hope i can do it again sometime this week . . . :-) umm what else o yeah my bubbie jacob went off on dakota the other nite it was scary kinda . . but everythings okay it got everything out in the open with me and him and we are happier now . . i love that kidd he's so close to perfect for me . . . i NEVER get tired of seeing him cause we don't see eachother everyday it's like a once- three times a week thing . . it never gets old . . use to i thought seeing a guy alot was the best thing . . but "absense truely DOES make the heart grow fonder" :-P welp i have to go to the nursing home with my mom . . so i'll write more whenever i get home tonite . . i'm going out on green and to the mall with alyse and HOPEFULLY seeing my sunshine :-)
<33 always and forever
Amanda Ruth


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