Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Let me go . . .

i always thought "at least well be friends forever" and i thought you were the best friend i could have . . always there whenever i needed you and i could talk to you about ANYTHING and everything that was going on in my life and you understood . . . now i stand here . . thinking DAMN where did this come from . . perhaps my newfound relaytionship was too soon for you or maybe it wasnt something you thought was going to happen . . i really love you and everyone knows how much i care but we CANT be together . . . we've discussed this . . too many problems . . . not from me or you but US whenever we are together . . and i guess all i can ask of you now is if you could PLEASE just let me go . . let me be . . here comes another one of my song lyrics things . . . you honestly do really love me but you dont know the amanda i am anymore. . . ((i changed the words a little, but that song says it all and speaks in so many volumes to me and it helps me get thru all this . . . i just hope one day we can get along)) . . i love you micah . . i always will i just found someone who i really CLICK with he knows the amanda that is in this body now . . . TRUST me this is the best thing for us . . .


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