Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i'm feeling a little low, i'm off in a hour and i know where we can go . . .

hey guys . . . welp i havent wrote in a while so heres a blow by blow . . .
i had a 3day weekend first of all and thur's nite me tasha jeremy and dakota hung out and jeremy locked his keys in the car. Friday me alyse and jordan went to the mall with Holden, Brian, and Kelli. Then we went to Dakota's mom's house and i ended up staying the nite there after alyse and daniel got into it and and alyse ended up just leaving me there and going home and Daniel COULDNT be late . . so that ended up on a good note about two hours after that. Sat nite Megan and Derek picked me up from Dakotas and i went out with them till 12 that was fun i miss megan alot . . and i miss Derek too but just not the 2 of them together . . i miss hangnout with Megan . . o well times change people change rite? Well i'm just gonna hold to that theory. and sunday Daniel picked me up and i rode to his house had a <3 to <3 with his momma and then we went to B-Ville and got Amber FUN FUN hehe. Then i was SUPPOSE to go see Pirates of Pensance with Dakota but we didnt get back to E-Ville till 1:30 the show was @ 2 and All Dakota's friends were still there and he hadnt even cleaned up. so i gave him the ultimatum of sending all his friends home or going to the show late . . . he chose "spend quality time with amanda" since we NEVER do that. Well we did from about 4 till about 8 and it was awesome . . . we didnt really talk or anything and i don't mean to sound like a 6th grader but we madeout for the 1st time and i dont know we just kinda laid there together it was all "hallmark/ Kodak moment" something worth remembering . . i don't know why though with all of the other guys making out WASNT that big of a deal but everything seems big with me and him . . . i am so happy with him. the way he holds me. kisses me. even looks at me. it's so AWESOME. i havent been this happy in a long ass time . . . there is only one ONE thing he does that i don't like and thats he ALWAYS cept for 1 time now. puts his friends first. which you know is good to a extent. But i'm not seeing him all weekend ((well i might get to sunday)) but yeah and he wants to spend time with me this WEEK well today he can't cause Fro is coming over. and tomorrow is dad and dakota go to Hooters day. so i guess thurs? and where does that leave me? seeing him one fricking day this week. THATS GAY. kinda makes me wana cry. i just love being around that boy so much. Ugh, i'm pathetic. YOU GOTTA LOVE ME THO. welp talk to you later


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