Sunday, March 06, 2005

almost a month and i didnt even know . . . .

hey all, mann this weekend was soo ungodly crazy, first Friday i went to see Dakota and he managed to make me mad for the first time EVER but yeah basically he ignored me in ALOT of ways i mean not like acted like he didnt know i was there but he didnt talk to me hardly at all and shit like that. . then later on sat we went to Amber's boyfriends house ((stevens)) and everyone other than me alyse and this rad dude Justin got really messed up and we did the same thing last nite too but something was different about last nite well a couple things . . . FIRST daniel stayed with us . . and whenever we were on our way from my house back to stevens ((i was driving)) we get pulled over cause i didnt use my signal whenever i switched lanes . . . and i HURRIED and switched daniel seats ((i dont know how the cop dont know but o well)) and he gave everyone BUT me a breathalizer ((im the only one who didnt drink)) and then he bitched at us for a bit then he sent us on our way with just a ticket for the signal((with what alyse and daniel both blew they could have went to jail! and brian were safe tho! :-) )) but anyway daniel STAYED at Stevens with us ((he was suppose to be home @ 12)) he told his mom he got arrested! i was like umm ok . . . . he MIGHT be kicked out which if so i REALLY worry about him . . . umm what else . . i was suppose to see Dakota today . . he didnt EVER call me last nite or today an whenever i called him he ended up letting me go UGH i kinda want to cry this weekend is SHIT. . .


Blogger Alyse said...

OMG this weekend was soooo friggin crazy! Ahhh i'm such a baller with out my minor consumption ticket! lol

8:39 AM  

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