Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i'd be your anything . . .

Today is a good day SOFAR! i am waiting for Dakota to get home from WalMart with Mike an shit and then i get to go see him ! :-) YAY! i miss that kid soooo much! I noticed something about him . . . i told him that i only do drugs whenever i know i'm not around him or something . . . it's not that i dont when i am around him to make him happy ((it's a plus)) but i dont feel like i need to cause we NEVER argue and we dont fight . . . he upsets me sometimes but i mean no relaytionship is perfect but i feel like we are damn near it lol . . with a FEW minor downfalls . . but i'm not going into those . . . i dont know everything is kinda falling into place i NEED to get into my school work and make up ALOT of work i have a reportcard coming out and SOMEHOW i have to hide it . . i dont know i'm about to eat and then go to ambers and then dakotas i might write more somewhere in there! later days!


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