Saturday, February 05, 2005

How Could An Angel Break My Heart . . .

Hey ya'll whats up? not too much . . i'm kinda down once again i feel like the only time i write in here is whenever i'm REALLY sad - mad - happy but on normal days i don't maybe thats not rite but i don't know . . okay well micah is being a douchebag . . . he is all like i wana see you sat. all fuck'n week and then come sat he's like i don't know if i want to and then i was like well and then he stopped me mid sentance and just was like BYE! and so i just hung up . . i didnt even say bye . . . i dont know what his malfunction is but he needs to get over it and if he wants to be with me HE SHOULD and other wise he should STOP playing with heart and head . . . GAH . .


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