Monday, February 28, 2005

he wasnt man enough for her . . . .

well today i talked to Amanda Dakotas ExGirlfriend . . she told me ALOT of things, mostly things that would scare ANY girl into breaking up with him . . . but im not gonna i have faith in me and him . . . at least i hope i do . . now i am sitting here praying to whatever will listen that, that doesnt happen to me and him . . . i'm so freaking scared it will . . . . i like this boy SO much . . noone can even begin to comprehend . . i mean SURE he upsets me sometimes but NO relaytionship would be rite without some downfalls . . you have to give to recieve and take them and accept them how they are and they have to do the same for you and if you cant do that much then you might as well never get into a relaytionship SERIOUSLY . . you cant ever expect to have a "easy" ride cause if you do you arent human . . . heart break and rough times are what lifes all about you gotta roll with the changes and when life gets you down kick em in the balls :-) well i'm about to go to bed and talk to my sweetness fer a little bit . . .
Much <3>


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