Wednesday, February 16, 2005

feeling way to damn good

well i'm with Dakota and he is SOO fucking awesome hes unlike ANY guy that im ever around . . hes sweet and caring and doesnt mind actually listening to me . . i dont know . . . and about micah my feelings for him will ALWAYS be there but they've changed and i dont understand it's kinda weird . . it is taking some time to get use to cause forever i saw myself with him . . and now i dont know . . i feel like i will live a meaningless life . . questions are once again left unanswered for me . . i dont know its kinda like i've actually thought cause of Dakota and ive sat around and thought about relaytionships ive been in and guys i cared about and they seem so meangingless now . . like stupid? why did i do that it got me nowwhere kinda thing . . he just makes me think more . . i dont know . . i'll write more later . . love me!


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