Sunday, February 20, 2005

Amber's 16 ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey ya'll. . today is ambers sweet sixteen! yay for that LoL . . . well i havent wrote in a couple days well i have but i havent wrote about this well on megans b-day she had the nerve to yell at me for almost a HOUR about me going out with Dakota well this seems to be a pattern ANYTIME i find someone i like ((male or female)) they seem to have someone from they're past or present that TRIES to fuck things up . . i'm not gonna let her get to me though . . cause i REALLY like Dakota and as far as i know and from what mike said the other day he likes me too . . . i was kinda pssimisstic about it in the beginning cause when i think about all the other girls he's went out with they're NOTHING like me and i didnt think i EVER would have had a chance but i guess i was wrong huh? i dunno . . . well ALYSE I HOPE YOU HAD FUN LAST NITE! i lover you T H I S much.


Blogger Alyse said...

I always have fun with you honey! I'm sorry things are so complicated but they are bound to get better. I know that you will do what is best for you beucse if you don't you'll never be happy. Don't let other people get to you. You and Dakota are happy, who cares what everone else has to say about it! Hey i'll kick their ass if it'll help! lol I lover you!

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