Saturday, February 19, 2005

All The things she said . . . . .

Hey ya'll what's up? not too much here, Man i got sooo fukt last nite . . . i was more high than i EVER have been before . . .i'm scared to tell Dakota cause i don't want him mad at me and i don't wana fuck things up for me and him. . but i wana/need to talk to him about it . . . i don't know but something else that is kinda "going on" is the Amanda having a crush on a girl . . . and i don't know what to do about it . . cause i dont think she would ever like me . . . . for ALOT of reasons we went out a long ass time ago and i miss her . . i dont know why i broke it off . . . well i kinda know . . i didnt want to have the name of going out with a whore and i didnt wana just break up with tiff cause then tiff would wonder why . . . so i said it was cause of billy and i just broke it off with both . . o well i don't want to go thru a bunch of shit with Dakota but then again i do . . GAh someone HELP ME! . . . well i guess i'm gonna go cause i'm about to go to Ambers and find something for our ass's to do !
<33 always and forever
Amanda Ruth



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